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Foundations for Growth

As a leader you are charged with creating a vision, taking action, and achieving results. Whether you are leading self, a team, or an organization, you want to move forward with intention. When the path forward isn’t quite clear, a coach creates a way for you to explore a wider range of choices and enhance your performance with new insights, greater clarity when it’s possible and greater comfort with ambiguity when it’s not.


Why Brickworks

Walls, Foundations, Walks


Bricks — what do they represent? They are pre-molded, uniform, sharp-sided rectangles, mostly indistinguishable from one another. But after a time in the sea, buffeted by winds and waves, bricks have softer edges, and individual shapes. So it is with leaders. Building on the best practices, literature, and advanced training, as a leader you bring your own history and character, vision and inspiration. It can be a leap to move beyond a uniform, idealized, sharp-edged image of leadership to embrace your individual style and values, and explore those softer edges.


Bricks are also used to build walls, foundations and walks, as structures that often support us and sometimes get in our way. At Brickworks Advisors, bricks represent the ability to:

  • Build stronger foundations for your capacity to lead,
  • Create better boundaries around your professional life and relationships,
  • Lower the height of self-protective walls to get beyond your comfort zone
  • Lay out new paths for a different way forward
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