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Whether you work in a start-up or major corporation, a family-owned enterprise, or a non-profit organization, you need confidence in your capacity to lead your team and to enroll those around you in your vision for growth.


Entrepreneurs often have sector expertise and limited leadership experience. Developing a product, creating a team, searching for capital, — that’s a tall order involving time pressure, few resources, stakeholders with different agendas. Among unmet needs are guidance on managing relationships, clarity in seeing their own areas for growth, and support in remaining resilient over a long time horizon.

High-potential leaders in dynamic corporate environments often find that their mandates change as they advance. The skills that created success must expand to include managing others, communicating a vision, thinking strategically and often leading through transitions.


Non-profit managers have great passion for their mission and are masterful at stretching their resources. They are challenged to stay focused and be opportunistic at the same time. They must walk the fine line between fulfilling their funders’ wishes and implementing their own plans to execute on the mission.

Family members who work together navigate the tension of required togetherness and the in-born desire to evolve as individuals. In times of leadership transition, the complexity of the relationships amplifies stress and family cohesion can be at stake. New leaders may have a difficult time stepping out on their own.

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